Man of Steel is a MUST SEE Summer Hit!

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SupermanThere have been so many different versions of Superman so I was really interested in seeing what this latest version would hold.

OMG! It’s fabulous. And it’s going to be a game changer for Henry Cavill who plays Superman. I went with a friend who invented the word “chimple” in honor of us gushing over his chin dimple. Past Supermen have always been played by hunks, but this new version brings sexiness to a whole new level. And no, I’m not a cougar, but if there was ever a reason to become one it would be this Superman. But enough about his looks.

The plot is interesting and while it harkens back to the former storyline, it has a whole new spin. And if you like action-packed movies, you’ll love this one. I laughed at one point when I looked over at my friend to see her nervously stuffing popcorn in her mouth.

photo (1)And don’t think it’s just a movie for women to ogle Superman. We happened to serendipitously end up sitting next to Adam Cohen, aka @DadaRocks who loved it as much as we do.

It’s a MUST SEE flick kids and grown ups will love. And who knows? It might even inspire you to start wearing a cape or to hit the gym and to build your own Superman-like biceps and delts.

Go see it and let us know if you loved as much as we did!

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