What Are You Teaching Your Daughter?











I believe one of the most important roles working mothers have is what we hand to our daughters.

I brought my daughter to work from the time she was an infant. The ad agency business often requires weekend work so I would bring her and she would play on a blanket while I slaved away working on campaign ideas. There was one occasion when she was about 12 or so that she was with during a pitch. The guy leading the pitch asked her what she thought of the work to which she confidently told him all the things she thought needed work. He agreed and told the teams to address her thoughts.

As I entered the social media, I talked to her about it and it’s importance as a young woman who would eventually need a job. I taught her Twitter, she put up her own Tumblr, learned Intagram, Snapchat and more. She has followers and engagement that often puts my own to shame. But I’m a very proud mama.

Today she is a sophomore in college and has had a few classes that involved social media. I loved when she called one day to say, “Hey, Mom, the assignment today is to put up a blog. Ha! I already have one, Mom!”

But when she sent this email the other day, I was very happy. She is now studying women, morality, abortion and women’s rights. She is the next generation who we will pass the torch to. Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 7.19.23 AM

I’ve taught her so many things as we all do. But who cares really cares about how to do laundry? Nothing would make me happier than to see her understand the power she has with her voice, her growing social channels and how she could be a change agent. The day that happens I will consider my job as a mom…done.

What are you teaching your daughter?


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