140 character emotional bonds


Can you actually create emotional bonds through 140 character conversations? The answer is a resounding yes.

Twitter is known as micro-blogging, but I argue among many social media moms that it is a conversation tool. Sure some people blast out announcements, quotes and frustrations, but there are also actual conversations happening on Twitter and there are emotional bonds being made through 140 characters.

Amazingly one woman will meet one woman who will connect another woman and before you know it, a group has formed. The group meets on Twitter for camaraderie, a break in their day, to share a tidbit or to just say “Hi!” And because women are natural conversationalists, we talk. And we learn things about each other, and our families and our lives. And bonds form.

I am a member of one of those groups. I can’t even tell you how the group managed to find each other. We all live in different parts of the U.S. and in Canada. We met and we bonded.

We helped each other through a sudden death of a husband and stood by while one of our group’s father passed. We felt our friend’s pain even though we have never met IRL (In Real Life). We wondered what to do. How do you send condolences through Twitter?

We laugh. We play word games on Twitter. We share photos. We talk about work, kids, things in the news and life. We turn to each other for advice.

We check up on each other when there is radio silence.

We have built over time a trust and a respect for each other.

And we all finally met for the first time.

Was it awkward? Nope. Everyone seemed pretty much exactly like the person we’ve come to know through 140 characters. We just live next door to each online and can’t walk over to borrow a cup of sugar.


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