18 things brands can do to win the hearts and minds of Moms.


1. Make great products. If you want to connect with moms, make a great product and she will tell everyone how much she is in love with your brand.

2. Give her a great experience. Product alone is not enough for mom. She wants a great experience whether at point-of-sale, online or on her mobile phone. And experience includes customer service which means not just the 800#, but on Facebook, twitter, email and every point of contact.

3. Don’t forget email. Moms still love email as a source of information.

4. It’s about responding, not just listening. Sure this statement has been around since the dawn of social media, but particularly with moms, the response, the acknowledgement that she’s been heard is very important. In fact, the acknowledgement is probably the very thing she will tell all of her friends and will increase her brand loyalty.

5. You need to be everywhere. Moms are on twitter, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, forums, LinkedIn, websites, mobile and communities. They are absorbing content from so many places depending on the time, place and need of the moment.

6. It’s not always the moms with the biggest social graphs who are your best brand advocates. It’s the mom with the most engaged audience.

7. Meet some moms one-on-one. Invite them into your headquarters for a conversation, attend mom conferences, throw a twitter party or host a live event. You’ll learn so much more than by reading a report.

8. Be human. This is the hardest thing for most brands. How do you use human-speak when you’ve been doing marketing-speak for so long? They want to know there is a real human being the brand voice.

9. Moms love conversations with brands. Talk to them and they will tell all their peers about the conversation they just had. And in talking to moms, brands can learn so much. How amazing is it that we live in an era where we can actually talk to the audience on an individual basis and live and real time?

10. Keep it real. Moms just aren’t that into celebrities. Sure we like a voyeuristic view into their lives and to follow the gossip, but when it comes down to product endorsements, we’d much rather listen to our peers. And when you portray moms in marketing efforts keep it inspirational but not over the top. Most of us don’t cook in the kitchen in heels and a sheath dress.

11. Help moms increase their social currency. Exclusive content, inside information, perks a mom can handout to her community all help the social mom increase her social currency with her community. This currency also helps her meet more moms.

12. Transparency, transparency, transparency. You can never be transparent enough for a mom. She’s innately suspicious, reads the small print and is smart enough to read through any marketing-speak language. Be clear, concise and transparent.

13. Get creative. Most campaigns seem to be so stereotypical. Mom in the kitchen, gardening, doing housework, cutting coupons, looking to lose weight and spending time with kids and families. But there are so many other things moms are interested in: politics, adventure, music, the arts and more.

14. Help mom make new friends. Motherhood, combined with a job either at home at an office, can be very isolating due to time constraints. A program from a brand helping moms with meet ups, live chats, forums might be just the ticket for a connection with her.

15. Give mom “fun.” Motherhood has its challenges at every age. Mom needs fun in her life. She loves games, even polls. But whatever you serve up make it fun.

16. Keep it simple. Make it easy for moms to participate. Her busy day is already filled with a complicated calendar of juggling. She doesn’t have time to decipher a marketing campaign and figure out the ins and outs. Don’t make the ask of her big.

17. Make all of the content easily shareable. So many sites targeting moms have interesting content, but lack sharing functionality.

18. Aggregate content. Bundle the branded story, the product information, the reviews all in an accessible way. Pampers did a great job of showcasing a video, and surrounding the video with the tools/ products used and coupled it with reviews and comments sections.

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