2.4 Billion People Don’t Have Access to Toilets. It’s Time to Give A Crap.

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More and more companies have built giving back into their model. This week I stumbled on “Who Gives a Crap,” a company that give 50% of its profits to Water Aid to build toilets in the developing world. Designed by 3 men who are engineers and product designers, they were launched through crowdsourced funding and one of the co-founders sat on a toilet in their warehouse until they had enough orders to start production.

But this is not a joke. Diarrhea and unsanitary conditions kill 2,000 children every day–about 700,000 every year. And roughly 40% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to a toilet. More than 200 million tons of human waste are uncollected and untreated every year. This leads to water supplies, food and people’s hands being contaminated with the pathogens contained in excreta, which can transmit cholera, typhoid, dysentery and potentially fatal diseases.

Who Gives A Crap makes toilet paper from 100% recycled fibers.

“We don’t use any chlorine, inks, dyes or weird perfumes in our toilet paper. We just pulp the clean fibres at 400C to make WGAC biodegradable, safe in septic tanks and as strong as it is silky soft. And since it is tested on only the finest human bottoms, our toilet paper is as good for your bum as it is for the planet.”

And you know how you always seem to run out? They include one roll of paper clearly marked “emergency roll information on reordering.

And the price? $30 for 48 rolls. I calculated it at about 68 cents a roll when buying the 48 pack and the shipping is free. But what price do you put on giving back? I think this is just a wonderful concept and have ordered my first box.

I don’t about you, but my family goes through a lot of toilet paper and this is a great way to remind your children to care about the world they live in.

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