200 Steps X $20 = Helps 200 Children


shot-at-life-Campaign-Image_playdatesOne of the things you anxiously wait for are your child’s first steps. It’s a milestone celebrated with friends and family and documented through video and photographs. Usually it coincides around your child’s first birthday…another huge milestone.

But for many children, those milestones are an even bigger challenge. Every 20 seconds a child dies from a preventable disease like polio, measles, rotavirus and pneumonia. In fact, for many children around the world getting to their fifth birthday is a monumental milestone.

Holly+Pavlika+Strut+Fashionable+Mom+Show+Front+vI3O0yEpHnulMake my steps in Strut The Fashionable Mom Show count.

I’m walking in Strut The Fashionable Moms Show this Saturday and I’m asking for your help–to step up and help me help children.

200 steps X $20 = helps 200 children

I’m walking on behalf of the UN Shot@Life campaign. And I’ve estimated the runway to be about 200 steps round trip. I’m looking for you to sponsor one step with a $20 donation– a $20 donation can protect a child from a lifetime of diseases like polio, measles, rotavirus and pneumonia.

I could help 200 children celebrate more milestones just through a simple walk down the runway.

Help me make each step count. The link to my UN Shot@Life Crowdrise page is here.




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