21.3 million impressions in a few hours. That’s the power of social media Moms.

Social Good

This Mother’s Day Moms have joined forced to help other Moms in need proving small things can create big change.

I’ve stated quite a number of things over the years that I’ve always wanted to do. In my mind, I invented a bake your own dog treats product called FiDough, but I didn’t follow through. And I scribbled out an idea for shoes with interchangeable heel heights, but I never followed through. Ideas are meaningless if they remain just ideas.

Till this effort popped in my head…

I saw the statistic that $14.6 billion spent on Mother’s Day last year and I was floored. So much money on flowers and chocolates when there are so many needs in the world? So I had an idea–could we convince people that a true Mother’s Day would be one where Moms helped other Moms? Could we take a page out of Obama’s micro-donating success to address a Mom-related issue? Could we create a mom-movement?

So I shared the idea with several Moms. And their enthusiastic response gave me the impetus to finally do something… to try.

I knew the relationships I’ve spent months and months building would be supportive. I knew that the power of a well-placed tweet could cause huge ripples. And it just felt right. And together the Moms, decided on a charity and it was an incredible cause –EveryMotherCounts.org

So we started with a Twitter party. I was unprepared for what happened at our Twitter party. 21.3 million impressions were generated. And at times during the party there were 20 to 30 tweets per minute–over 5,000 tweets. But it was the sentiment in those tweets and the astonishment from the Moms around the facts that drove those impressions. Did you know in the U.S. two women die each day from a pregnancy-related complication? Did you 100 women die globally each day from a pregnancy-related complication? And can you believe we have the knowledge to prevent 90% of these deaths. The event was amazing and we’re planning a second one due to the resounding success and the request of many of the Moms.

So today we kick off part two. Hopefully thousands of women and Moms will see messages across twitter and blogs spreading the word about maternal health and EveryMotherCounts.org mission. We asked hundreds of Moms to post on their blogs about what we are trying to accomplish. So far, and it’s early, I count 40+ posts that have gone up. That alone is amazing. And I know that number will climb.

And there are two easy ways you can help and get involved:

1. donate old cell phones:

they will be refurbished, sold and new ones will be gotten into the hands of remote villages and places where they are critical to getting life saving efforts to pregnant women.

2. micro-donations:

a little can add up to big change. Ask your significant other or spouse to put a little aside of that Mother’s Day gift money for a real Mother’s Day gift– a gift to other Moms or Moms-to-be who are not as lucky as many of us. EveryMotherCounts is in partnership with Save The Children which is a great organization.

3. Go to EveryMotherCounts.org and see all the other ways you can help.

And a word of thanks to all of the Moms who helped me with this.

• Niri Jaganath, mommyniri.com
• Audrey McClelland, MomGenerations.com
• Linda Grant, NYCSingleMom.com
• Beth Feldman, RoleMommy.com
Erica Diamond, WomenOnTheFence.com
• Kelly Loubet, Childhood.com
• Katja Presnal, SkimbacoLifestyle.com
• Karina Asner Carefoot, ficklefeline.ca
• Julie Cole, mable.com
• Molly Hayden Gold, GoMominc.com
• Dagmar Bleasdale, Dagmar’sMomsense

And even more thank yous to all of the people who joined this effort.
I will keep you posted with updates and statistics.

For me this is going to be truly a very special Mother’s Day.

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