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Okay, so yes, we write a lot about Moms but all those Moms have Dads at their side. The interesting thing is if you dig deep into the blogosphere you can find lots of Moms whose partners also have blogs. In fact, there are hundreds and hundreds of Dad blogs out there and their numbers are growing. They’ve seen what they’re wives have accomplished. Some are stay-at-home Dads have found themselves with time on their hands as a result of the recession. Why shouldn’t they enjoy some of the same success as Moms?

Here’s five reasons why brands should open their arms to Mom’s Other Half.

1. Their Half of the Story brings a unique perspective. And they’re wonderful writers with charm, insight and a different but equally interesting things to say. What brand wouldn’t want them to be speaking to their social graph on their behalf.

2. Face it for certain products and services, they will have a leg up on understanding the product or service. Why not leverage that knowledge?

3. Simply put, despite the buying power of women, they aren’t the sole buyers of everything. Moms may do all the research and are huge influencers but often decisions are joint.

4. Moms and Dads do different things online which can be leveraged from a brand’s perspective.

5. The web is a big place and everyone has their favorite place in cyberspace. Dads are more likely to be on MySpace or have a Twitter account. And they’re more likely to be found on more than one social media site.

Here’s a couple of my three of my favorite Daddy bloggers:

Brian Reid, a former stay-at-home Dad is Rebel Dad, truly is a rebel and wants blog equanimity for Dads and aggregates everything he can find about Dads. In addition, writes about playdates, the economy and so much more.

On Geek Dad you can find Dad reviews on internet radio for kids, what they thought of the latest kid video games to more.

Love this Daddy. He is part of the Blogher network. He has a Youtube channel. And you really need to spend time with him. He shows his emotional side and such an interesting way of putting things on paper.

So who are your favorite Daddy bloggers? Let us know.

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