7 Thoughtful Gifts for Family This Season












It is the time of the year for Christmas giving, gift exchange and instead of getting the latest or ‘trendy’ gifts, why not opt for an extra touch to show how much you care for the other person. Here are 7 gift ideas for the whole family!

Gift #1: You Care Enough to Capture Memories
A scrapbook of photographs taken at family occasions, a family tree or a collage of photographs show the time you have spent – given the large amount of photographs we take digitally with our smartphones, this gift is ideal for the love one who wants printed photographs but never have time to sort!

Gift #2: A Gift of Your Talent
Sometimes we don’t share our talent enough. If you are good at cooking, why not make a family recipe book? If you are good at drawing, how about a portrait of your family? Photography, doodling, writing a poem/novella and presenting them nicely (framed or printed) allows you to show who you are to your family – something we may have overlooked given our busy schedule.

Gift #3: Practical Gifts with Personal Touches
Still feel that your family will appreciate a practical gift best? Add your personal touch to it. For instance, if you’re giving a bag, why not add in accessories that you know they will love? If you’re getting an iPad, how about getting an iPad case and personalizing it?

Gift #4: Website of Interest
Particularly for younger family member, you can help them with registering domain name, purchasing web hosting and setting up the website with a few posts in the areas of interest – for instance, a foodie blog or a fashion blog to get the pre-teen excited to share more of his/her interest!

Gift #5: Gift to Pursue Hobby
Another alternative is to get tools to help the love one improve his/her hobby – for instance, if the love one is into illustrating, consider buying an illustrator software, drawing tool, online course and top it off with DIY free-time coupon he/she can redeem from you. That way, it’s a complete package to help busy family members improve their skills!

Gift #6: Gifts for Relaxation
Studies showed that money spent on a holiday gave a higher return on happiness than a gadget. Consider giving an afternoon of spa, an evening of dinner, a short weekend holiday and offering to take care of things when they are away.

Gift #7: Surprise Gifts for Occasions
Prepare small, special gifts to be opened for different occasions throughout the year – they can be outright silly like ‘When you feel like tearing your hair out’ or loving like ‘To be opened when you feel sad’. The best part is that this allows you to get many mini gifts and present them in a meaningful way.

Gifts have sometimes turned too trendy or too focused on monetary value, think instead of the person you are giving to and what thoughtful gift will be heartwarming.

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