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With the rush of the everyday stress, it’s seldom few parents that actually find the time to stay fit and keep an active lifestyle. There’s also the issue of growing obesity among children, and most moms are worried about finding ways to keep their kids health, and to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and heart issues later in life. Luckily, these two problems have a common solution.

Children should be taught to love sports, and if you nurture their passion for exercising, the whole family can easily engage in some cool activities that will keep everyone healthy. Here are some of the things you can try.

Get a dog

They’ve probably been begging for a puppy anyway, and while you may think it’s just another chore, a dog actually comes with some immensely good health benefits for kids. They’re loyal companions that can help improve our immune systems, and since they need to be walked every day, it’s a good excuse to go out with your child.

Make sure they understand that dog walking is their responsibility before you consent to adopting a pup, and then keep them company whenever you have the time. Find a clearing in the nature, let the dog off the leash, and then enjoy running around and chasing each other happily.

Long bike rides

Bikes are always exciting, and it’s very easy to gather around and decide to go riding as a family. Grab your helmets and your bikes and head out. Another option would be rollerblading, or even ice skating in winter.


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Indoor wall climbing

This is genuinely one of the most thrilling experiences for anyone, and making it a family event just doubles the enjoyment. Find a centre with a fun indoor rock wall, and feel free to go there at least once a week. Kids love it, and it’s a very good way to help them develop coordination, agility, and to teach them that exercising is anything but dull.

Jump rope

Easy and fun to use, and can be a good way to both exercise, and play around. Compete who can jump the most, or have both parents hold the rope for the kid to keep jumping over. If nothing else, this can be used as a warm-up routine before a workout.

Fool around

Kids are little bundles of seemingly inexhaustible energy. They want to run and play, and there’s no reason you can’t join them. Play tag, or hide and seek, or just run around the backyard and laugh together. These little games are seemingly only there to amuse, but they’re actually quite a workout. Besides, this is a good way to bond and enjoy each other’s company.


Practice what you preach

Talk all you want about the importance of exercise, but if the first thing you do when you come home is flop down in front of the TV, your kid will notice it. Instead, try to be a good role model. Do your workout with your kids. Start slow, and show them how to warm up. Show them how to do a push-up, how to do a squat, a crunch. Laugh at mistakes and make it all a game.

They can follow the simplified version of your workout, and you can be there as an inspiration while you work together. They will look at you, and want to be as strong as their mom one day. Show them all that you can do with your strength, and they’ll look up to you.

Get a gaming console

Hey, if you can’t beat them, join them. Can’t glue your kid away from their computer games? Fine, so get them a game that will actually make them get up and move around. Wii Fit U is particularly good at this task because it’s a console that offers a range of virtual sports, like tennis, baseball, and boxing.

The best thing about Wii is that you have a special controller, and that you can’t just sit still and poke buttons. You have to get up and move, because the sensors respond to activity. You can easily use it as well, and it will help you keep track of your weight and your BMI. Organize family matches, or get a fun dancing game, where kids have to copy all the dance moves they see on the screen to get points. Make it a habit to have weekly tournaments and compete with each other. Healthy treats can be the reward.

Kids are active by nature, so all you need to do is encourage that. Get them into sports early on, and while they might not become an athlete, they will surely be eager to get out and stay active because they’ll know just how fun it is. Make sure you teach them the basic safety rules, give them the right equipment, and show them how to stretch after a workout to prevent injury.

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