8th Continent wants to reward moms as rock stars.


Okay, so this campaign is interesting. A portrayal of mom as a rock star and someone who is into music not just for herself but also for her child. Usually everywhere you turn we are portrayed cooking, cleaning, gardening or transporting kids. 8th Continent Soy Milk has chosen in this campaign to offer moms a chance to win an all-access VIP concert trip to Los Angeles: limo, red carpet access autographed souvenirs and backstage passes to meet Sara Bareilles. Four lucky winners will also receive cameras to record their rock star experience. Plus money will be given to schools to keep music programs going.

All you have to do to enter is to give a mom tip for making a chore easier or and activity more fun. So much for the rock star idea…they quickly fell into the “all moms do is chores” marketing portrayal. I had such hope.

Now if you happen to notice the small icons, you can post or tweet some of the tips on the site. However, to do so you need to give 8th Continent access to your twitter account. Not something most moms will want to do.

And while 8th Continent is on Facebook there were no links, only a Facebook Connect button when you got to the registration page. And the campaign wasn’t even promoted on the Facebook page. Same with twitter. No icon/link to their twitter account. Such a huge missed opportunity to continue the dialogue with moms.

If you want though, you can admit your mom-mess-ups on Facebook by downloading the 8th Continent app to enter your best screw up for a chance to win free housekeeping for a year, a room makeover or a “complete adventure” package for Caravan Tours. You have to admit they are at least trying for something different in the mom marketing arena.

I did get a thank you for registering and giving a tip. Be sure to look closely at the bottom of the e-mail for a link to a coupon. It’s very tiny additional thank you.

I just wish the whole campaign had been integrated across all platforms and there had been a stronger social component to the whole experience.

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  1. If companies doesn’t use Twitter or Facebook actively they seem behind the times. That’s the reality in today’s world. I don’t even find this brand in the stores anymore. Seems like Silk has taken over, at least in my area.

    Bicultural Mama

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