9 Ways to Use Instagram Video











Fifteen seconds is longer than you think. And it time for everyone to get onboard with the power of video for storytelling and more.

Simply Measured tracked the top Interbrand 100 brands from June 20 to 26 and found video gets higher engagement than photos–over 2x. Why shouldn’t you experience the same kind of engagement numbers if not higher? After all you are creating authentic user-generated content and know what your audience likes.

Some ways you can use Insta-video:

if you’re like me pouring through a manual and trying to decipher the small print and tiny photos illustrating how to put something together is often a pain. Video is a great way to easily show your audience how to do something.

Mini mini-series:
String a series of videos along to create your own mini-series. The ideas are endless and can be tied together through the use of a hashtag. Or use video to create short ads for your brand.

New Product intros/Mini Ads
Advertisers have been using 15: second spots forever in the traditional sense. Now you can create your own ads.

Tip or inspiration of the day:
Audiences love tips and inspiration as evidenced by the enormous amount of sharing in this category of content. Video allows for showcasing your passion behind the inspiration.

Teasers/sneak peaks:
About to launch something new? Again take a page out of traditional advertising and have your audience on the edge of their seats waiting for your big announcement.

News clips:
Have exciting news to announce? Why not use a 15: second video?

Short video bios:
Brands want to get to know you better. Video is a great way for them to see not only what you look like, but how you present yourself. And it’s much more interesting than reading about you on a piece of paper.

Behind the scenes:
Why not create your own behind the scenes of an event you’re attending or the prep work for a recipe? Today it’s all about thinking like a publisher or becoming your own broadcast channel.

Announce contests! People never seem to do a great job of reading the instructions. Video could be a great way to make the rules simple to understand.

Remember the lighting!
My pet peeve is lighting. Make sure you check out the lighting where you will be shooting. Make sure your subjects are facing the light. There’s nothing worse than a poorly lit video.

Let the cameras roll!



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