93 Percent Of Moms Use Instagram Once A Week


Moms are pretty omni-channel when it comes to social media. And for mom influencers Instagram is a key social media site. It’s easy to use and if you are new to Instagram, it’s a platform you can quickly learn.

According to Instagram one in four women on Instagram are moms over 18. And 93 percent of those moms use Instagram at least once a week and 68 percent are on Instagram every day making it an excellent platform for brands looking to build relationships.

Instagram found moms are:
• 5x more likely to follow beauty accounts

• 3x more likely to follow fashion

• 2x more likely to follow hair accounts

• 1.7x more likely to follow animal accounts
• 50 percent of moms follow business accounts

• 56 percent say following brands on Instagram is how they learn about products

• 78 percent say they take some kind of action after interacting with a brand on Instagram

Dads are also on Instagram although they follow a different type of accounts: 4.3x more follow automotive, 2.5x follow leisure accounts and 1.4x follow sports accounts. But there is little doubt moms and dads alike are loving Instagram.

There are so many influential Insta-Moms across just about any lifestyle topic. Before you choose to work with any of them check out their Instagram bios. You’ll typically get a quick snapshot.

• What type of content: some many be solely focused on Instagram and others will showcase their other accounts on YouTube or links to podcasts. Notice if they are just photographers or also putting out video content.

• Volume of sponsored content: be sure to carefully examine their sponsored content: the amount of it and how they handle their brand relationships.

• Engagement rates: do they consistently get engagement on their posts? Do they get comments and interact with their audience?

If you’re still thinking about Instagram, this WebsiteBuilder stat-packed infographic from WebsiteBuilder will show you the power of Instagram.



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