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Latina momThere are mountains of data on today’s connected mom. She is definitely one of the most studied audiences as brands strive to figure her out and how to do a better job of reaching her. Here are 99 things to remember about her that I’ve either learned from experience or research.

1. She still likes email. But she likes social media more.

2. Most mom bloggers have held a job at one point in their life.

3. Moms have one foot in today and another in the future.

4. Moms are information gatherers.

5. Moms have a love/hate relationship with the Internet: it’s full of information, but it can also be a time suck.

6. Four in 10 moms are the breadwinners for their families.

7. Motherhood is isolating which is why she loves social media.

8. Her BFF may be someone she has never met IRL.

9. Moms listen to podcasts. Think about how much time she spends in a car daily.

10. Moms think technology has made motherhood easier.

11. Moms read less newspapers, magazines and watch less TV.

12. Most mom still don’t think brands understand them.

13. Multi-use, simplicity and convenience are top priorities for technology purchases.

14. Moms share brands that show attention and are responsive to her needs.

15. Often a mom’s purchases are made for the good of the family or the world at large.

16. Her life is end-to-end responsibility whether at work or at home.

17. She chooses the channel based on the audience: testing those closest and often gaming with strangers.

18. She chooses her social channels based on the people she wants to reach and how much she has to say.

19. Reaching moms is not about selling. It’s about information and building relationships.

20. She makes or influences 91% of all home purchases.

21.  She makes or influences 66% of all technology purchases.

22. YouTube and gaming are the new family entertainment.

23. When asked most moms will say they could all use “me time.”

24. 36% of moms are non-traditional: widowed, separated, divorced or never married.

25. The boomer mom is the one of the fastest growing audiences in social media.

26. Latino households’ buying power will be $1.4 trillion by 2013.

27. Hispanic moms are the key decision-makers and influencers of 80% of all purchases made in their households.

28. Hispanic moms are one of the fastest growing demographics online.

29. 82% of mid- and high-acculturated Latino moms are online.

30. Virtually 100% of Hispanic moms online are engaged in social networking.

31. 84% of Hispanic moms are on Facebook.

32. 68% trust word-of-mouth conversations related to brands and marketing activities.

33. Busy Latina moms are taking advantage of mobile connectivity. And they are also heavy users of social media on-the-go (40% more than total women in the U.S.).

34. Don’t understand estimate intelligence of women.

35. Women want to share because they think they have information that can help others.

36. She often finds social media as influential as TV.

37. She is becoming tech fluent to navigate her new roles and manage everything.

38. Technology allows her to stay connected while on the go. It keeps her from being isolated.

39. She is not intimidated by technology.

40. Four in 10 moms use Facebook on their mobile phones

41. 38% log on 5+ times a day.

42. Moms feel technology makes them a better mom.

43. Parenthood adds 8+ hours to her day.

44. With motherhood, her mindset changes to faster, cheaper and smarter.

45.  She spends more to support her many new roles.

46. Social and mobile are her key tools.

47. She shops around.

48. She does her homework.

49. She read labels.

50. She cares about what the company stands for whose 
products she buys.

51. She wants it all: price, convenience and quality

52. She will often pay more for products that save her time.

54. She doesn’t have a singular path to the register.

55. She shops for the thrill of the find.

56. Tablets and handheld devices will become standard with pay on the spot features.

57. Green is no longer just for the crunchy granola mom.

58. 41% of moms are now smartphone enabled.

59. Smartphones are not just another channel. They are THE CHANNEL.

60. 1 in 4 moms keep their phones in their hands while shopping.

61. Over 50% have used an app like Foursquare to check into a store.

62. Saturday and Sunday afternoons or evenings are her prime time to shop with her smartphone.

63. She is old-fashioned about her shopping list preferring a simple piece of paper over an app.

64. She uses her phone for myriad things like gaming, social media, shopping, weather, music and health information.

65. Moms value relevant content regardless of personalization or being close to the person who shared it.

66. Moms in general are nomophobic: fearing being without their smartphone.

67. Moms are 4x more likely to check social media sites using her smartphone

68. Today’s mom consider posts from another mom to be 55 percent more influential

69. She gives one-third of her day to media between the Internet, newspapers and TV (8 hours, 37 minutes)

70. She has to have Wi-Fi and has multiple devices connect to it: smartphone, laptops and tablets

71. Millennial moms are twice as likely to be a single mom

72. Millennial moms are asked for a product recommendation an average of 9.6 times per month (vs. 6.3 times for moms overall).

73. Millennial moms report they are sought out more often than other friends as advisors on a wide range of topics

74. Millennial moms would pay to have help with life management

75. Today’s mothers are either the sole or primary source of income for the family–a record 40% of all households with children under the age of 18.

76. Total household income is higher when mom is the main breadwinner

77. Married moms are increasingly better educated than their husbands

78. She is more and more likely to be a single mother who was never married.

79. 79 percent of Americans feel moms should return to their more traditional roles.

80. Work with moms directly to have a better chance of getting your marketing right.

81. Keep it relatable, relevant, useful content. Never manufactured, retouched or artificial.

82. Millennials spend a huge amount of their lives – 25 hours a week on average – online.

83. 74% of Moms have purchased products as a result of promotion mention in a blog.

84. 65% of Moms learn about a product of service through social media.

85. 66% view social networks as a source of information.

86. 64% of Moms read online reviews before making a purchase.

87. 56% follow up on product recommendations received on social sites to learn more.

88. 74% of Moms have purchased products as a result of promotion mention in a blog.

89. 65% of Moms learn about a product of service through social media.

90. 66% view social networks as a source of information.

91. 64% of Moms read online reviews before making a purchase.

92. 56% follow up on product recommendations received on social sites to learn more.

93. 81% of Moms are more likely to engage if they earn points towards rewards.

94. When rewarded, moms will tell you more about themselves.

95. 36% will provide more information about themselves including purchasing behavior.

96. 73% will answer polls or surveys.

97. Moms are 38% more likely to own an Internet TV device, such as Apple TV or Roku, than the general population. They are 28% more likely to use a tablet. They are 38% more likely to own a smartphone.

98. Moms are 58% more likely to shop via mobile device.

99. Almost 25% of a mom’s phone apps are for her kids.

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