A Box of Love from My Children


Valentines gifts I’ve been doing spring cleaning a bit early and ran across a box of my children’s drawings, letters from camp, paintings, and love notes. It’s a box of love packed to the top. I just had to pore through a trip through memory lane. Nothing in the box was store bought. Everything was lovingly made by hand. The letters and cards are funny, poignant, and charming with their misspellings and backwards letters. I know my children will want to share the box with their future children.

But the National Retail Federation estimates that this Valentine’s Day an estimated $18.6 billion will be spent on candy, flowers, and gift cards.

I personally don’t remember the candy, or the flowers. I may have gotten jewelry, but I don’t recall that. Anything that was purchased just doesn’t seem to have the same weight. They are just things.

But I cherish that box of love. It’s a passage of time that flew by so fast. Without it, I would have lost some of those precious memories because despite how amazing the human brain is, time just fades away.

I will keep that box of love forever.

What’s in your box of love from your kids?

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