A Call For More Female-Oriented Lego

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When I was a kid, my brother with Lego. He combined Lincoln Logs, Erector set pieces and Matchbox cars to the mix to build forts, racetracks and whatever came to mind. My son was also addicted to Lego and would spend hours in his room creating cars, buildings and once an amazing American flag. And if you didn’t know, Lego is a foundation of math and a precursor to engineering. It helps your child start to learn spatial relations and proportions.

But what about little girls who like to build and play house? Should they be relegated to Barbie and her pink house that’s already built? Well The Brave Girls Alliance doesn’t think so. The Alliance was formed by parents, doctors, and small business owners to bring to the forefront the lack of Lego pieces and girl-themed sets. And with the focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Electronics and Math) it’s no wonder that the sets being considered center around a female astronomer, paleontologist and chemist. Or a zoologist! One designer, Alatariel, has created all kinds of sets for Lego to consider making. My favorite is the judge. Why shouldn’t a sense of potential be inherent in our children’s games?

If you would like to see Lego make more sets for girls, the Brave Girls Alliance is asking you to sign their petition. Or to leave a comment!

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