Join us for The International Day of The Girl Tweetathon



















Thursday, October 11 is International Day of The Girl and we will be hosting a 12-hour tweetathon for 10×10 Educate Girls along with their strategic partner Intel, World Vision, Ashoka, NGOs and a host of bloggers and companies like Mocha Moms, Dormify, GoGirlFinance, World Moms Blog, Kangu, Million Moms and of course, MOMentum Nation.

Join us for The International Day of The Girl Tweetathon:
Time: 9am to 9pm
Hashtag: #IDG2012
No RSVP necessary

A “Call to Blog.”  Use your writing skills to for social good.
We want to see how many blog posts we can get up on October 11th to spread the word about the need to educate girls and the impact it has on families, communities and the global economy.

And send us the link to your blog!

The Ripple Effect of Educating a Girl.
The ripple effect of educating a girl…

Studies show when you educate a girl she will earn up to 10-30% more money.

The money she earns will be reinvested for her family.

That money means children in her family will be more likely to go to school.

Going to school adds to the likelihood she will be immunized which means she will be more productive.

Healthier and better-educated girls grow into women who are less likely to get married young and have fewer children.

Collectively healthier girls are more productive and this impacts the community.

And thriving communities impact not only the country but also the world when less burden is put on economic.

Join us for this important global issue! 

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