A father and son team set out to Unjunk candy. Introducing Unreal candy.


If you’re like me then you don’t want your kids eating too much candy. I remember my mom telling me it would rot my teeth and how bad it is for you. Generations of moms have battled this with their children.

Add to it this generation’s somewhat sedentary lifestyle of video games and television consumption and it’s no wonder everywhere you look there is something being written about childhood obesity. Even modern science has found a correlation.
Leah Lipsky and Ronal Iannotti, staff scientists at the Eunice Kennedy Shrive National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, discovered that for every hour of television children watch, they are 8% less likely to eat fruit every day and 18% more likely to eat candy. Not good!

But this new candy is. UNREAL generously gave me samples to hand out at a party I recently had with about 60 bloggers. And as a mom with a daughter who has a sweet tooth, I was so excited to learn about this “unjunked” candy.

First, how’s this for a start:
• no corn syrup
• no artificial preservatives
• real milk
• no artificial colors or flavors
• no hydrogenated oils or fats
• more cacao (yes, chocolate!)
• more protein and fiber
• 40% less sugar

How did Unreal come about?
It all started with an argument between a father and son over Halloween candy. We all know that particular argument. My family spent many a Halloween with piles of candy. We’d divide the booty into piles, confiscate some of it and even take some of it to our offices to try and negate the consequences of too much candy.

After the argument, the son did research and discovered Dad was right. But this boy’s father happened to be Michael Bronner, an innovative and well-known marketing executive. Together Michael and his son set off on a course to unjunk candy. No easy task.

They consulted chefs, scientists and more. And imagine trying to source the ingredients and be socially responsible about it at the same time to make it healthy for the planet as well.

And I love this…the team behind Unreal® is a guy from Google, an interior decorator, a guy from Mars, another from P&G, a guitarist and (they claim) an actual Oompa Looma.

And how are they getting the word out?
Unreal understands the power of today’s moms and that they can’t spread the UNJUNK mission without the help of social media woman. They believe we are in a very unique time where the social tools exist to make change and together we can change snack food for all.

I love not only the fact this candy has less junk, but the father/son story behind it. What a fabulous lesson and journey for a Dad and his son to take together.

You can join the Unreal movement at getunreal.com
They can also be found on twitter and facebook.

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