A love story about the power of Twitter and the relationships of Moms.

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So many people question the value of Twitter. The following is a story by one of the many women I’ve met on Twitter. It’s a story about the power of social media and the deep connections Moms make online. It’s by my friend Erica Ehm, Publisher of YummyMummyClub.ca, Canada’s online magazine that speaks to the woman in every Mom. She was one of the first Moms I met on Twitter, one of my first interviews and probably the reason why have so many Canadian friends. I noticed that many of my friends had little Elmo faces on there avatars and inquired about it. This is the story excerpted from a recent article by Erica (with her permission, of course.) It will bring tears to your eyes.

“Many Twitter moms were virtual friends with @Tjzmommy aka Heather Hamilton. Heather often tweeted about her three-year-old twin boys Zack and Jayden. In the process, many of her online friends fell in love with little Zack who was born without his 12th chromosome. Zack suffered from a congenital heart defect, hearing loss, global developmental delay, feeding issues, seizures, and fluid in the brain and relied on a GTube.

Two weeks ago, she sent out a tweet letting everyone know her son’s lung had collapsed and he was on life support at SickKids. While Heather and husband Paul stayed by their son’s side, moms online waited and worried with them. Within hours of her tweeting that her little Zack, who loved Elmo, had lost his battle, hundreds of women, most whom had never met Heather, had added a little Elmo image – or “twibbon” – to their avatars as a sign of mourning. Mothers online united in grief at the unimaginable thought of losing a child.

The outpouring of well wishes from @Tjzmommy’s virtual friends helped her raise $8,000 for SickKids in a matter of days. Inspired, Heather has started Zacks Dream Room, an online campaign to raise funds to dedicate a room to Zack at York Central Hospital decorated with his favourite character – Elmo. In less then a week, through the power of social media, she’s already a third of the way to reach the $25,000 goal.

This is what mummy buzz can build.”

And this is one of the many reasons why I and so many other Moms love Twitter and the power of what social media can do.

One Response to “A love story about the power of Twitter and the relationships of Moms.”

  1. I agree totally.

    Isn’t it amazing? And amazingly powerful? The sense of community dazzles me. I’m blown away by this online village. ( I fell into twitter by fluke in a few months ago. What luck!)
    Glad you’re part of it — and hope you’re at Blissdom in TO, if possible!

    Pam @writewrds

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