A MOM’s Guide to Restoring Balance


Being a busy working mother isn’t about having it all, it’s about balance. I must admit I don’t do a very good job at balance. But I’m going to work at it because the few times I brought what I consider to be a little bit of balance to my life, I’ve been happier. And who doesn’t want to be happier.

The List.

So let’s talk about the lists we all make. Come on, admit it. You make lists. And we all love crossing things off of the list as a sense of accomplishment. There’s nothing like scribbling out that long to do list. The scribbling is the highlight and the reason so many list apps sit undownloaded at the app store. We prefer our old-fashioned lists. But some days, the list has to go. And I’ve decided that at the end of the day it’s okay to have not crossed off everything. I have to give myself a break. So I’m designating one day a week as “list-free day.”

The Art of Delegation.

I am guilty of not always delegating as many things as I could. Sometimes it’s just so easier and quicker to do it myself. But because I’m a list maker and I always end up adding to the list as I go, it’s time to start consciously delegating. And that means at work and at home. So I’m going to make that list and then I’m going to look at it and see what I can delegate. At least two to three things a day are going to be delegated.

 Scheduling a Little Downtime.

I am also not very good at allowing myself downtime. I sit to read a book and I see something that needs to be cleaned. And there goes the downtime. So I went to the gym and hit the steam room the other day. The steam room is great. No iPhones or laptops allowed–just you and your towel. I’ve discovered a place where I can force myself to have some downtime.

Laundry, clean houses, and messengers.

Next on my quest to find a little balance is the decision to let the laundry pile up and not worry about the spotless house. It just adds to the pile in my mind of things that have to be done. And I’m going to on occasion use messengers for personal things. I’m worth a little- less wear and tear every once in a while.

And I’m stopping there. If I can manage to make those four ideas work for me, I’ll be on the road to more balance in my life.

Do you have tips for getting balance in your life?

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