A New Concept in Emergency Room Treatment: Neighborhood Walk-in Urgent Care


A new emergency room conceptHow many times has your child gotten sick in the middle of the night or on the weekend when the pediatrician is closed? I’m sure if your kids are like mine the answer is much too often. So I was thrilled to know there was a new concept called CityMD in my neighborhood and other locations in the city.

CityMD is an urgent care facility staffed with ER doctors from Cornell University. The idea is to cut down on the red tape and bureaucracy, which causes you to wait hours upon hours at a hospital emergency room. Within 10-15 minutes upon arrival at a CityMD, you or your child can be seen by a doctor and assessed to whether you actually need the trip to the emergency room or whether the doctor at CityMD can handle it right on the spot.

CityMD says, “Given the few choices, high fees, impersonal service, and long wait times for non-life threatening issues, CityMD is here to fill the void. For fever, pain, coughs, cuts (even those requiring stitches), sore throat, earaches, wheezing, sprains, broken bones or just about any other medical complaint please walk right in.”

• No appointment necessary
• All Board-certified ER physicians
• Accept most insurance including some forms of Medicaid
• Pay the “specialist” co-pay instead of the hospital emergency rates
• Register online beforehand to save time upon arrival
• Open 365 days a year
• Treat both adults and children
• Can give the appropriate travel shots and vaccines

The doctors at CityMD can become the eyes and ears for your doctor in these situations bridging the medical history your pediatrician knows to the situation at hand. And every patient receives a follow up call within 3 days as a part of CityMD’s after care. And if you or your child needs to see a specialist, they will give you referrals and even make appointments for you. If the situation is life-threatening and calls for the emergency room, they will place the call to 911.

The next time we have a family emergency, I’m going to give them a try. I waited eight hours to see a doctor on my last trip to the emergency room.

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