A Social Way to Cook


I grew up helping my mom cook. After I finished my homework, I would stand next to her by the stove, always curious what her next move would be and wondering if I could do it. It was there, in front of the stove, that we grew closer and shared many laughs. I was constantly amazed by her packed cookbook with handwritten recipes from family and friends. Exchanging recipes was a social thing to do. Now, it is more social than ever.

Nostalgic memories like these let us remember the less-hectic life many of us used to live. It was less hectic because the social media everyone is using today did not exist when I was a child. I had the ability to talk to my mom without her checking her Twitter feed and without her checking what someone just posted on her Facebook wall. Unfortunately due to the fast paced, ever-changing world we live in comes the loss of tradition. Moms are no longer getting their recipes and cooking tips from family and friends.

In fact, The Hartman Group recently did a study titled Clicks & Cravings: The Impact of Social Technology on Food Culture. It found that people are no longer going to their mom for recipes and cooking instructions. Instead they are going to social media. Social media is altering the way people go about choosing what to make for dinner, and the ingredients they need to execute the meal. Moms these days are using apps that are user friendly and personable. They are able to provide your typical busy mom with easy recipes, the best deals and concise grocery lists.

Here are six useful apps we feel every Top Chef mom will love.

1. iFood Assistant is an app powered by Kraft to bring people delicious food. It has how-to videos and smart 1-2-3 recipes with built in shopping lists to save time.

2. Epicurious makes easy grocery lists for you depending on the recipes you pick.

3. Crock-Pot is a virtual cooking timer app, that features recipes and how to tips for making the most of using your crock-pot.

4. Gourmet Live powered by Conde Nast allows you to build a library of recipes to fall back on when you are in a pinch. It also has stories and interviews with chefs.

5. Whole Foods gives healthy recipes using organic and natural ingredients. You can also search recipes by dietary requirements.

6. Big Oven has 250,000+ recipes. That alone is a reason for moms to love it! Some of its features let you make a grocery list and it gives ideas to use up the leftovers. It was chosen as “Best App for New Moms”.

BabyCenter surveyed 5,000 moms regarding their social behavior. 51% are addicted to their smart phones. Of that number, 78% love their smart phone and 62% use it to go shopping or compare prices, perhaps for the meal that Epicurious whipped up for them.

I guess it is not going to be as common anymore for kids to get their moms personal cookbook dirty after they badgered her to stir the homemade tomato sauce, just because they had to help. Now kids could be getting that tomato sauce on an iPhone or computer, where the font is plain, the tradition is lacking and the potential damage far worse! We can only hope the memories are just as fond as mine were when I watched the sauce simmer next to my moms hand-written cookbook.

Will you be using a cooking app this Thanksgiving? If so, share your favorite with us!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. You have to add “What’s For Dinner” to your app list! My fave dinner app by FAR, it uses your phone to search the web for recipes then corrals them in one spot.. grocery lists too. Srsly believe me, BEST APP! :)


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