One Man’s Story About Polio, Strength and Being on the Cover of Life Magazine



















This all started as a conversation with @rockerstylist about my hair. LOL! He eventually saw my tweets about #endpolio and this global effort to eradicate it from the face of the earth forever like we did smallpox. When he told me his father had polio, I asked if he would share his story. He wholeheartedly agreed and and here it is in his words:

“This is David L. Hensley, Jr. , I want to say thank you again for having such a strong and positive outlook and passion for helping others and thank you again for having my fathers story shared with the world! His life was such an amazing one of personal triumph, discrimination, success and love! Born in 1944 ,my father David L. Hensley Sr. was three weeks old when he was struck-in down with the polio virus and spent the first few years of his life in a body cast … From those early years he went through extensive physical therapy and was soon up on his feet!!! metal legs and all…Determined to walk strong…

At age 5 he graced this cover of LIFE Magazine as the March of Dimes poster child!

Continuing on with his school and just being a joyful and loving child, then as his more adolescent years, he had natural talent for the arts and his internal love for music of all kinds!!

Attended broadcasting school at age of 19 and then soon followed and internship at a local radio station in Albany, Georgia. Then the door swung wide open and soon my father found himself becoming more and more influential on the radio!

“Once a love for music , always a love for music”… He always used to say!

Soon my father became a songwriter and found himself not only rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of country, gospel, Motown and rock n’ roll, but collaborating and creating a legacy of beautiful music!!!!

The father of two healthy and strong boys, he taught me the meaning of the word STRONG ….! With patience and understanding and always with an incredible sense of humor. His disability never stopped anything my father sets his sights on!. Doing so much for others with personal challenges and disabilities, my father was involved to the very end. His legacy will always carry on through his songs, his laugh and his spirit!” -David L. Hensley Jr.

Polio is a distant memory in much of the world, thanks to global efforts to vaccinate children everywhere against this debilitating disease. Join me and organizations like Global Poverty Project, UN Foundation Shot@Life, Rotary International, Gates Foundation in this fight. Only three countries remain.

Please sign the petition to let world leaders know that you want them to close the funding gap so no one else has to suffer from polio.

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