A tablet with a kickstand and a real keyboard? Could be a mom’s dream come true.











I’m already hearing some buzz from some moms about the Surface, Microsoft’s first foray into the hardware market. And we all know moms love tablets or covet them if they don’t have one already. According to the 2012 Cozi Family Outlook survey, 35 percent of moms have a tablet computer.

Why I think moms might like the new Microsoft Surface tablet:

It has a wide screen. Moms are visual creatures, hence the huge penetration on Pinterest. We love to watch videos.

It’s beautiful. Apparently it’s made of a special substance, which makes it a bit of a sensory experience. It’s sleek and sexy. We appreciate things that are well designed.

It’s lightweight, thinner and scratch resistant. Moms carry tablets with them everywhere they go. The weight is so important when you add a tablet to the already heavy load.

It has a keyboard integrated into the cover. One of the things moms often complain about is the keyboard. The Surface apparently will come with a choice of raised or flat keys built into the cover.

It has an integrated kickstand. No paying extra for a stand. I personally hate all the additional charges for stands and covers.

Oh, and did I mention it comes in different colors to add a bit of fun to a mom’s daily use?

The only drawback might be the price. Will it fit a mom’s budget? Time will tell.

I just know I want one to test drive. And that’s saying a lot from an Apple addict.

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