A Twitter-Sized History of Women & Advertising

Social Media

I’ve been in some form of advertising and marketing for the past 25 years and have watched it change over the years especially now with the fever behind social media. Michele Miller, of WonderBranding,  put together a slide show of advertising through the years. It’s great to have a perspective of just how far we come in terms of portraying women. We still have a ways to go but this will brighten your day.

It is interesting to see how advertisers have talked to women over the decades. You can see how society and the world at large influenced the messages we used.

It’s kind of funny to think forward to 20 years from now and look back at how we are marketing to women today. If it’s done correctly, there won’t be one icon, like Rosie the Riveter or June Cleaver, it will be hundreds of different representations.

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