A “viral” video for helping parents keep their children germ-free?


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What do shopping carts, restaurant menus and hotel remote controls have in common? They are some of the top germy places in the world.  Everyone automatically assumes the obvious places like doorknobs and toilets, but toys, restaurant tables and faucets and more, have surfaces full of germs. And as parents, we are always concerned about the germs and viruses our kids might come in contact with. Did you know some viruses and bacteria can live on surfaces for up to two hours, contributing to the loss of 22 million school days. No wonder so many Moms are accused of being OCD or having the cleaning bug. (I am a confirmed clean freak–just ask both of my kids.)

But how is a parent supposed to keep their child germ-free?

By making it fun! Colgate-Palmolive and Softsoap would like to introduce your child to “the Dirties”, a rock-band of germs performing their latest hit, “Pump the Pump”. The lyrics are meant to remind kids of the occasions when it is necessary to wash their hands. If you had been at our office during the making of the video, you would have seen the creative department all fired up and loudly singing “Pump the Pump” much to the annoyance of their co-workers. About halfway through the song, “the Dirties” is transformed into “The Cleanies” by the power of soap and water and washing your hands under warm water for 20 seconds–the recommended time according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

I had no clue until we started working with Softsoap that warm water and soap plus washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds was enough to wash away the germs. And Softsoap makes fun kid versions like SpongeBob SquarePantsTM or Berry Foam Works®. There’s nothing like SpongeBob’s cute little face to remind you to wash your hands. Of course, there are adult Softsoap versions to love as well.

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