About MOMentumNation

With a singular focus on women/moms, MOMentumNation brings a unique perspective to the world of marketing. MOMentumNation began as a blog educating brands on to the best ways to communicate with and reach the highly sought after mom/women demographic. With a focus on content, insights, and the use of technology and social media, MOMentumNation quickly grew into a robust site with a growing community across social channels. Brands/clients began “stealing tweets and borrowing content” and reaching out to tap into the insights, creative thinking, and relationships MOMentumNation had built.

Today there are three ways you can tap into MOMentumNation

1. We are a publisher of content women love.
Our content is there to help our audience become empowered beyond their own expectations with self-confidence through technology and social tools, knowledge and the sharing of ideas. Social media has given women/moms the tools for amplifying our voices and connecting with others who share our passions. We want to harness the power of content to effect change whether through personal growth or policy, global, and social change. We’re all about connecting through relevant content women are passionate about.

2. We are a part of Collective Bias and their proprietary, invite-only network of influencers.
MOMentumNation is now a content channel that is part of Collective BIas.

Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, Collective Bias is a social shopper media company that weaves organic social content into engaging, real-life stories to create millions of impressions leading to increased share of voice, SEO, and ultimately sales for brands and retailers. We have satellite offices in New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis and San Francisco and will be expanding to Toronto and London in 2013.

3. Social Fabric is a proprietary community consisting of approximately 1,400 shopping-focused influencers with an aggregate multichannel reach in excess of 50 million. Brand Advocates within Social Fabric create content in a storytelling fashion, weaving their shopping experience and product usage into a creative, compelling and engaging story. They take their stories and share them across various social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.