According to Nielsen, women around the world find social media an indispensable tool.


Nielsen recently surveyed women around the world for their  “Women of Tomorrow” study. I was so excited to finally see a global study, as they seem to be few and far between. Nielsen reached out 21 countries that represented 60% of the world’s population to gain insight to how women shop, use social media and how we think our roles are evolving or changing.

According to Nielsen, social media around the world has become an indispensable tool. Not just for their homes, but for careers and for building community. And technology is helping to fuel this with access to education, career opportunities, information and networking. Social media usage has reached high penetration rates in countries such as the United States (73%), Italy (71%), South Korea (71%), Australia (69%), France (64%), Brazil (63%) and Germany (50%).

Here are some of the insights from the study:

Finding: Women want to share the responsibilities of life’s decisions.
Opportunity: Brands should take the dual decision-making into consideration when develop content: she chooses for different reasons than he does.

Finding: 90% of women think their role is changing for the better.
Opportunity: Brands can connect through programs and tools that help her continue to grow.

Findings: Mothers are optimistic, but feel their daughters have the same opportunities not better then they have. #3 on her list is saving for a better education for her children.
And even though Moms and daughters have many things in common, there are differences between generations when it comes to stress, financial stability and buying habits.
Opportunity: Develop programs where mothers can help their daughters through educational grants. Don’t treat marketing efforts targeting her as one size fits all.

Finding: Women care quality over lowest price.
Opportunity: Turn quality into quality around the product and the experience.

Findings: Technology is making her life better. And women around the world feel with empowerment comes stress and time issues.
Opportunity: Create apps and tools to enhance, deal with stress management and/or simplify her life. Develop products that save time and create short cuts.

Finding: She cares about corporate responsibility. She wants to influence business, politics and community.
Opportunity: Create programs that help her connect with other like-minded woman.

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