Adult Coloring Apps For Your Inner Kid



My De-stressing Adult Coloring App Joy

Did you know that moms are into podcasts? Yep. 71 percent of moms have listened to a podcast either on a desktop, tablet or mobile device according the 2016 Edison Moms and Media report. And half of moms have listened to an audiobook. Surprised? Did you know 41 percent of online gamers are women? And did you know that moms love games as a way to de-stress or to even just enjoy one-on-one time with their kids?

Well this mom has given up on Candy Crush or some of those other bubble games moms play and migrated to adult coloring. I gave my mom an adult coloring book and pencils for Christmas last year and she loved it. And my daughter has a coloring book and she’s 22. But this mom likes my digital app. Right now I’m using an app called Recolor.

























You could also try Colorfy, which claims 25 million users according to the app store. The App Store selected it as best app of 2106, but I haven’t tried it. Yet.

The base app is free but of course, they are constantly trying to get you to upgrade for better colors like gradients and metallic, sunsets and vibrants. So far I’ve been satisfied with the free version.

If you want you can create and account and other Recolorists can opt to follow your colorations. I won’t call them designs as you aren’t designing from scratch but coloring someone else’s picture.

I’ve spent countless hours coloring while riding the subway or just chilling watching TV. I find it very peaceful although it’s probably hard on my eyes.

Have you ever tried an adult coloring app? Here’s a great infographic that shows the evolution of coloring.


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