Advanced Preparation Steps to Ensure Best Pet Boarding for Your Dogs

Pet Boarding

Travelling itself is a stressful job with a bunch of worries about preparation, luggage, timeline and hotel booking. You don’t want to miss out on taking essentials with you when you are going to spend some days away from the comfort of your home. You have already thought about your accommodation and might have secured it, too. But what about finding a comfort zone for your pets while are away for a business trip or holidays?

Pet Boarding
Here comes pet boarding facility! Boarding your dog can be either stressful or peaceful depending on how much prepared you are or what sort of boarding facility you hire for them. This becomes especially crucial when you have never board your dog to a premise that is not your own home. Searching and finally deciding on dog boarding hotel is not a simple job. This is why you need to make certain preparation before you leave your dog alone. Here are some key advanced preparation steps to make sure your pet finds the most suitable and homely environment at renowned pet boarding facility nearby.

Vaccinate your dog on early basis
Many caring dog boarding facilities prefer to have your dogs vaccinated before they get enrolled for a short or long stay. They emphasize providing vaccinations to your dogs for specific health reasons. They should be vaccinated before boarding for several problems like illness, infection, immunity, coughing. Keene cough is very likely to be found in even mature pets. This is quite common among dogs and it can spread with dog-to-dog contact. If your dog catches it from another dog in the facility, it can create a sick condition in your dogs, which can be compared with pneumonia.

Dog boarding with veterinary specialist
In case you have hard time finding a veteran for your dogs nearby for the purpose of vaccination, you can ask pet boarding people to offer such facility. You can inquire about the vaccinations and fees charged for it. Don’t put it off for later, as last minute searching before you leave could give you a severe headache. Any mediocre dog boarding place found in those last moments will not suit your pet’s needs and they may end up losing their health.

Pet Boarding (2)


Make the reservation ahead of your travel.
When you have finalized your trip out of station, you should start looking for the best space for your pet’s accommodation. Make an appointment with a reputable pet boarding center in your town so that when the day of flight comes, you and your pet must be prepared to spend some time away from each other. If you have chosen common holiday weekend (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, etc) to take the flight, you are likely to observe that dog boarding facilities are getting overcrowded. This is also one of the reasons why you should plan in advance to make an early appointment to find a new temporary shelter for your dog. If you make the decision after taking your time and doing your research, you can be sure you will find the exact same space as desired by your pets.

Confirm the care standards of pet boarding
When you are on a lookout for finding the most appropriate pet boarding space to stay for your dogs, one of critical checkpoints should be making sure your dogs are best taken care of their staff. When your dog plays around with other dogs, there should be enough staff members keeping watch on their activities. They must feed your pets scheduled meal at right time with proper hygiene and cleanliness. Also, discuss if their staff is aware of medication schedule for your dog so that when you travel, you don’t need to worry about health and well-being of your pet in absence.

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