Ah, the power of a well-placed tweet and the connections women make every day on Twitter.

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My daughter was having a terrible time sleeping. It has gotten so bad we decided to take her to the doctor. She prescribed some sleep medicine but it really didn’t help. The doctor thought the next step should be an eye doctor appointment. She went only to find out that she had perfect vision. On top of being a teenager, this is making her miserable. So in frustration, I posted a tweet about it.

Seconds later, I received a tweet back from enVy Pillow.

Ah, the power of a well-timed tweet.

Here they were coming to my rescue. Several tweets later, we forged into email for a longer discussion. Created by two registered nurses, Kim Renton and Kathy Keefe invented the enVy Pillow to help with a myriad of issues from sleep issues from neck problems, post facial surgery, even anti-aging as the pillow helps position your head as you sleep. And the pillow was found to help teens with acne and ladies with rosacea. It was a miracle hopefully about to happen.

Well the pillow(s) arrived yesterday. It was only supposed to be one pillow but Kim and Kathy sent a note “Mothers need a good night’s sleep, too…so they can be even better mothers” along with a second pillow for me. My daughter was so excited when she opened the box. The pillows came in beautiful brown satin bags and are so nice to the touch. I laid down on it and had to quickly get up for fear of falling asleep and not getting the work done I still needed to do. We couldn’t wait to go to sleep last night.

Well, I woke up feeling great. My head felt so cushioned by the enVy Pillow last night that I fell asleep instantly. (Between my 12-hour work day and the enVy pillow.) I have neck issues because of the computer and the pillow felt like it was keeping my neck stretched out. My neck feels great this morning. I feel great. No sleep lines on my face either. Don’t you hate that?

Now I can’t speak for my daughter and her experience with the enVy Pillow. She’s still sound asleep. Need I say more?

That’s the power of 140 characters and the connections women make online.

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