Amazon introduces “Amazon Mom”. Everyone wants Mom.







Amazon and it’s Baby Store has now joined the ranks of brands targeting Moms. They recently announced Amazon Moms. The membership is free and Moms will get everything from 30% off on diapers, if you subscribe, to discounts on shipping. There will be additional special offers from other retailers. Moms will just have to give up more personal information in exchange for the discounts.

It’s a smart move by Amazon. Moms love free shipping and the convenience of not having to drag home boxes of diapers while carrying a baby on their hip. And besides, they are competitively priced in the diaper category. And Amazon has all these Moms self-identifying and helping them build a database and valuable shopping cart information.

Just look at these facts:

• If Mom is on average changing 5 diapers a day we’re talking 3,650 diapers over the course of the first two years. That’s a lot of diapers. And that’s only one child. The average family size is still 2 children.
• 4.3 babies are born each second!
• 4.0 million babies are born every each year.

So how does it work?
Just a simple sign up. The diapers discount is subscription based. You just choose your delivery.
• Three months of unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of eligible items.
• Upgrades to One-Day (overnight) Shipping for just $3.99 per item.
• The ability to earn an additional month (up to one year) of Amazon Prime shipping benefits for each $25 spent on products in the Baby Store in a single order.
• An additional 15 percent discount on top of the standard 15 percent off discount when using Subscribe & Save delivery on select diapers and wipes.
• Many more exclusive discounts and offers, tailored to a family’s interests, delivered right to their inbox.

This follows Amazon Students which was launched earlier this summer. Amazon students also offers discounts on products and shipping. I wonder who Amazon will target next.

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