An Incurable Addiction to Social Good


Shot@Life Champions on Capitol HillOver and over during my time at the 2013 Shot@Life Champion Summit, I was asked how I got involved with the campaign.

It all started with a “screw it, just do it” moment.

Being a creative person, I’ve had loads of ideas over the years, but never took the step to actually make them come to fruition. Two years ago, I was a bit outraged at the money spent on Mother’s Day gifts–almost $15 billion in the United States alone. Money spent on chocolates we don’t want on our hips, flowers that die after a few days, and greeting cards that end up in a box somewhere.

My idea was to try to get moms to ask their families to give to a cause instead. One percent of that $15 billion would do a lot of good in the world. So I got with nine other women and we chose Christy Turlington’s Every Mother Counts maternal health cause to support. We held a Twitter party that got more than 21 million impressions and more than 175 blog posts were put up on a single day. There was an outpouring of personal stories about pregnancies, motherhood, and miscarriages. It was an emotional hour and the conversation was still continuing the morning after.

That was the beginning of my addiction to social good.

From there I met the CEO of Global Poverty Project, Hugh Evans. He warned me I would become a social good addict; he was so right. And shortly thereafter, I met members of the UN Shot@Life campaign at a live-tweeting event.

So if it’s been a long time since you loved something you were doing maybe it’s time to try doing a little social good. Why? See below.

• There is nothing quite like finding out you have a voice and that people will want to listen to what you have to say.

• You will meet fabulous people who share your passion, people whom, you never would have met otherwise.

• You will love it when someone feeds off your passion and asks you how can they get involved.

• You’ll wake up every morning and feel like you are a good global citizen and standing up for something that matters rather than just being complacent.

• You will fuel your creative juices as most charitable organizations are so open to giving your ideas and outlet.

Since my “screw it, just do it” moment and joining the Shot@Life campaign, I’ve been to Capitol Hill and met with members of Congress, sat in the UN General Assembly and heard from world leaders, live tweeted from events, attended press conferences, met celebrities and notables, traveled to Tanzania, and made friends all over the world. It’s been a journey I never imagined, and all of that is extremely addicting.

Join me; I’m happy to share my addiction.

6 Responses to “An Incurable Addiction to Social Good”

  1. I love that attitude – screw it, just do it. That may be my new motto! It was so wonderful to be part of this campaign and to be sitting up there on Capitol Hill. Definitely a high spot in my life. Now our team is working hard to make our vision come true – we’ve had about 20 messages going back and forth just today. Awesomeness!

  2. Yes Yes and Yes – I am so on board and so get it. So honored to meet you this past week and to kick some social media ass for social good every single day! xoxoxo

    • It’s the most amazing group I’ve ever had the honor to be a part of.

      Holly Pavlika
    • We’re always looking for more Shot@Life Champions if you’re interested.

      Holly Pavlika

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