Apple iPad–Another social media tool for brands looking to market to moms.










I’ve watched the demo video and it looks fabulous. And I can’t wait to get to see the new Apple IPad in person. In the meantime, Jamie Dunham, has written a terrific article on all the ways Moms will love the new Apple iPad.

Marketing to Moms: 10 Reasons Moms Will Like the Apple iPad

1. e-Reader for Kids. Imagine taking the whole bookshelf of the favorite books and games for the kids to occupy themselves at the doctor’s office, restaurant, car trips and more. It’s a way to entertain the small fry while Mom is out and about. And no excuse for not doing homework because their textbooks are always right at hand. And backpacks just got a lot lighter. In fact, both Mom and Princess can brush up on their French lessons with the new iPad.

2. e-Reader for Moms. All those books and magazines piled up in the den and bedroom will be gone. Instant de-clutter. “Hoarders,” take notice. And with Wi-Fi, reading magazines will take on a whole new experience that both Moms and advertisers will love with videos and experiential ads accompanying the magazines and newspapers. I can finally read the Sunday Times without newsprint on my hands.

3. Movies, Music and Videos. Mom can take It’s Complicated or the latest episode of Project Runway with her to watch in the car pool or during dance lessons.

4. Email, Facebook and Twitter. So there I am watching television and I reach for the iPad to share with my friends on Facebook what I think about American Idol, or respond to an invitation from my book club, and Tweet minute by minute impressions of the Oscars.

5. Kitchen Assistant. With the iPad propped up on the countertop, those online recipes and photos will assure the homemade product looks and tastes as good as the pictures. No need to print anything.

Video Phone. By using Skype, I can check in on my son in his college apartment and with a little luck I can pick up some intel on what he is doing. Is that really beer labels on his wall?????

7. Online Shopping. I can’t wait to shop online from wherever I am with a great little screen that allows me to look through J.Crew’s catalog and order while I’m sitting under the hairdryer at my hairdresser. Or maybe I’m at Chico’s and they don’t have the jacket that I want. Fine, I’ll order it online and have it in two days. Or eBay, do you have the out-of-stock pant that has been discontinued?

8. House Hunting and Interior Design. Taking along the iPad is easier because I’ll have my style boards, pics of furniture, floorplans, MLS listings and color swatches that will make house hunting and shopping easier.

9. The Family Photo Album or Digital Frame. Got a few minutes? Let’s look at my son’s graduation photos. Isn’t he handsome? Want to see a video of his rugby game? Or pictures of his girlfriend?

10. Killer Apps. If this is a really big iPhone, the apps will be really important. For games, for the weather report, for your personal health records, for the latest features at Whole Foods, all at my fingertips.

The iPad looks like the perfect, more intimate cross between the iPhone and my laptop. Oh, and my husband will love it too. He will try to borrow it for reading the paper, checking out sports and finding books and articles on DIY projects.

For marketers to Moms, the world of possibilities just got larger and more interesting. Engagement is even more accessible for the consumers. This is a beautiful conversion and I can’t wait to get one and try it out.

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