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I had a conversation with a businessman the other day who asked what I did for a living. In the course of the conversation, we spoke about my blog. A few days later I got a call from him. He had been thinking about what I had said and somewhere in the conversation I had mentioned dad bloggers. It lit a spark and he wanted to start a blog.

My immediate thought was, “Wow, how’s he going to handle being a blogger and a lawyer.” I didn’t want to burst his bubble, but I knew he had no idea how much time it takes to be a proper bloggers. I spewed out all the things he would have to learn and do to be one. But I didn’t want to be a total buzz kill so I gave him a solution. I told him to consider be a contributing, on-going, guest dad blogger on an established dad site. He could write when the spirit moved him and not have to deal with the mechanics of posting, tagging, linking and syndicating. He could write. I told him to think about it. He came back the next day with a resounding “yes.” I contacted a dad blogger I’ve known for years, made the introduction and left them to figure things out together. I’m sure the lawyer will send me the link to his first published post after it goes live.

So are blogs becoming passé?
Hardly. Just like that dad blogger, blogs are continuing to grow. There are over 28 million bloggers in the U.S. alone and another two million will be added over the next four years according to eMarketer. Why do we like to blog? We like to tell stories. We like to share personal moments. Blogs give us a snapshot into other people’s lives. Blogs let us meet people with like passions.

But there are a lot of things to consider before you start a blog. Here are 16 things to consider before you decide to blog.

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