Are MOMs Ready For Go Pro Cameras?


Go Pro Cameras were once thought of as cameras for recording underwater adventures and extreme sports, but are they something moms should consider? They are small, so very portable, and you can mount them anywhere.

I’m intrigued with the idea of being able to better capture live action. And with children in continual motion, maybe the Go Pro camera is the perfect fit  for you and especially if your family is active like mine. Imagine that ziplining adventure captured from the bird’s eye view of the helmet your child is wearing? Or live action in the family swimming pool? Learning to ride the bike immediately takes on a whole new point of view. And of course, you know at some point you would want to capture the family pet in action from his or her perspective. My son would have mounted it to a toy car to capture the live action as it hurled through the air. So many of the videos, Go Pro cameras have captured have been viral sensations. You might just put your family on the home page of YouTube.

The Go Pro camera is waterproof. With children underfoot, waterproofing seems a must. Who knows how many cameras have inadvertently ended up in the toilet or dropped off the side of a boat?

The Go Pro camera is also shockproof. It’s amazing what kind of a beating the family camera takes. If only everything in the house was shockproof.

They are extremely versatile. You can capture HD video, still photos and record audio. And the images are spectacular. Surprising for such a tiny camera. Because you can place them anywhere you can capture unique vantage points. And if you are like me and love simplicity, you don’t have to mess with lighting or focus, the camera does it for you so it’s perfect for busy moms juggling a million things and trying to capture that moment. The only downside is the inability to immediately share everything with your social graph. But the unusual footage you’ll capture could be well worth the wait till you can pull the footage off the camera and share it with friends and family.

And they’re affordable: $200-$400.

Imagine the cool factor of telling everyone you own a camera that goes up on weather balloons and is used by the military and extreme sports celebrities. I know what I’m asking for my next present.

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