Are Today’s Social Connected Moms Starting to Unplug?

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It will not be astonishing news that social media is time consuming. While a necessary tool for today’s bloggers and businesses, it takes an incredible amount of hours to create content, listen and respond to your audiences. According to a study –32 hours a week per channel.

And after years of blogging you do get a bit tired of always being on?

I know I do. I juggle a 50+-hour workweek at Collective Bias, a job I love getting up for, on top of MOMentumNation. I’ve often thought about the chunk of time I would get back if I gave it up. MomentumNation is also a labor of love that makes no money–not a dime. I don’t have the time to devote to it to monetize it. It is just a platform for my personal brand and an outlet for getting things off my chest, which is fine with me. And through it I’ve met so many interesting women and had some great conversations.

Is it time to unplug and find some balance?
I warn my co-workers that I use weekends to catch up and that they can ignore my emails till Monday. Despite being organized and fueled by an occasional Red Bull (yes, I confess I really like the cranberry ones), I can never get everything done during the regular workweek. Am I missing out on life?

Just this morning, a blogger friend told me on Twitter that this was her year to spend less time on social. And while I sit here on the bike at the gym writing this post and going through emails in an attempt to stay caught up and still get my workout in, I ran across and auto-response from another blogger and co-worker saying she was unplugging for the weekend. And in the midst of a Twitter conversation yet another mother told me two of her friends had given up blogging and rolled their sites into hers. Are bloggers throwing in the towel? I know several who have voiced this was their year to “blow things up” or give up. And a very well known blogger and I had conversations about buying her blog as she felt she had reached the peak of what she had built.

And if moms aren’t unplugging they are starting to manage their time more efficiently by concentrating on a few channels versus trying to be everywhere.

Is this a growing trend?

3 Responses to “Are Today’s Social Connected Moms Starting to Unplug?”

  1. One of the challenges of managing a blog is that it never turns off – unless you unplug. Social media is very time consuming with demands to always be on it more if you want to “keep up and grown your numbers.” But considering many of us don’t make money on it, sometimes the time spent doesn’t always feel like it pays off. I’ve heard several bloggers talking about “hanging up the towel” when it comes to blogging.

    Bicultural Mama
  2. I’m not tempted to give-up blogging completely, but I do spend much less time on it and online in general — and the results are all for the better I would say.

  3. Absolutely! I do agree that blogging and the online space can be a 24/7 job if you let it be. Like any career woman, I think Moms, especially, are susceptible to burnout.
    Moms who blog or manage websites may have left previous careers and now find that this one also takes time away from their families. Other Moms, like you, may have more than one job!

    I definitely unplug on the weekends and I NEVER sleep with my phone on my nightstand. It stays in my home office with the volume turned off when I go to bed and when I have family time. I really don’t want my kids to remember me as a woman who was always on her phone or laptop.

    Balance is a difficult ideal to achieve. I think the demands on one’s time is also dependent on the age of your kids and the specific stage in your career, but it seems so many of my friends and colleagues just want to simplify life – myself included.

    Charmin - The Momiverse

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