Are women using social media just to take advantage of brands?


Are we taking advantage of brands and using them just for their deals? Many studies show coupons are one of the main things women are looking for from brands – especially ones passed along with friend recommendations.

Personally I’m a great fan of Cafe Mom’s Deals and Steals and I’ve gotten some really terrific samples and coupon suggested from fellow Moms. Am I using that community to take advantage of brands? I don’t think so. I peruse the offers every day and take advantage of very few, only the brands I use currently or ones that I feel an affinity to. You can’t make me buy a brand just because of a $1 off. But remember we are in a recession and just about every American has been hit in the pocketbook. The beauty of these offers is how easy they are to get and just how much you can actually save. Saving really has become the New Black. But women don’t make decisions based solely of offers. We care what fellow purchasers have to say. What are the product’s benefits?

A new survey by Razorfish claims the coupon clipper is now a social media user who uses a brand just for the deals. A third of Facebook users become fans of a brand to take advantage of special offers while 44% follow companies on Twitter, preying on discounts. Forty percent of the 1,000 respondents on Facebook had become a fan of a brand, while 26% of tweeters followed a company. Dell, Amazon and Starbucks in particular have witnessed great success through social media platforms by flooding their outposts with offers.

Among female social network users surveyed by BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners in March 2009, 34% said they used social networks to share their opinions and 20% sought advice and recommendations.

Further, in a spring 2009 study of female social network users by ShesConnected, substantial majorities of respondents considered researching products and services (79%) and finding deals and discounts (64%) important.

Ms. Williamson in the eMarketer report “Marketing on Social Networks: Branding, Buying and Beyond.” “…social networks are immensely valuable for passive transfers of information, and these may ultimately prove more powerful than dedicated consumer review and comment sites.”

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