Are You Ready for Your Google Life?












If you are a blogger, you are very much aware of Google. Google and it’s constant changing of its algorithms makes for interesting dynamics for us as we strive to have our sites rise to the top of search.

Many of us use Gmail every day for work and personal e-mail. We constantly use Google hangouts as a tool for working with co-workers in remote locations. And Google docs are easy to understand and perfect for crowd sourcing ideas among peers no matter what your technological skill set.

But are you ready to live a Google life?
Well, get ready for the Internet of Things.

You may have a developer friend who has been testing wearable Internet technology like Google Glass. And of course, you’ve seen on the news, the Google car that drives without a human at the wheel.

Google has been busy buying up companies to the tune of one company per week since 2010. All together they’ve bought over 100 companies. And last year alone Google was granted over 2,000 patents.

They’ve bought just about every imaginable company associated with the web: search, software, facial recognition companies, YouTube, image organizers, CRM, mobile browser, 3D modeling software, artificial intelligence and advertising companies.

And Google is busy buying up robotics companies. And recently they bought Nest, a company that makes smart technology for homes like thermostats and other home devices.

Imagine Google, who already knows every search you make and has unimaginable amounts of data on you as a result of your Gmail account, could also be the company of the future who connects your home, your office and everything in between when you think of Google maps, Google phone and the Google car.

Doesn’t the thought of this future glimpse at our connected world scare you in light of the recent issues with Google mail and credit card hacks?

While I love technology and how it has simplified so many things in my life, I’m not sure I’m ready for the hefty cost we might have to pay if all this connectivity goes down. We all know how we panic or get angry when the Internet is down. What if your whole life was connected?

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