Arthritis In Your Hands? Use Siri.


photo (85)Okay, so this is been around for a while and may have even been on my iPhone 4. But I never really paid any attention to Siri. But this weekend I happened to stop by the Verizon store. My mom needs a new phone and thought I’d check and see if I was eligible for an upgrade. I was curious how much it might cost me even though I really didn’t need a new phone. And I was trying to stay on budget this holiday season. To my surprise not only was I eligible for an upgrade, I could actually recycle my old phone and they would pay me $120 for it. I felt like it was Christmas even though it’s three weeks away.

I ended up walking out with a brand-new iPhone 5c in blue and the color makes me smile every time I use it. I am a bit afraid the color screams steal me when I pull it out on the streets of New York. But you have to understand that for me to walk out with anything that wasn’t black is epic. I am very much a New Yorker and my closet is full of black. My purse is black. My shoes are black. Buying anything blue is totally out of character.

I love how much more lightweight it is. The screen is brighter. The photos are better. Everything about it is better. I’m not a total geek and so it’s the little things that make me happy.

photo (2)As I was playing around with my new phone and I decided to check out Siri. I had heard it didn’t really live up to expectations. Boy, was I wrong. It worked. Suddenly texting was a breeze, not that I was so bad to begin with. I was pretty fast considering I use my left forefinger and my right thumb to type. Not only could I use Siri for my texting, it works great to write emails. So I decided to see if I could write a blog post.

I wrote this entire post using Siri. And it took minutes.

Siri is a lifesaver and could help so many people who have trouble typing. I happen to have an autoimmune disease. One of the areas my disease affects is my hands. For example, the tendons in my hands are thicker than the average person so sometimes my hands cramp. But with Siri I can be basically hands-free and use my mouth. I have no problem using my mouth. LOL! Just think of all the possibilities older people with diseases like me or people who have lost a hand in a car accident.

I haven’t been brave enough to speak into my phone as I walked down the street or other public places, but in the privacy of my own home or in the office Siri is amazing. You just have to get used to saying “period” at the end of sentences.

Do you think you could write a whole blog post using Siri?

2 Responses to “Arthritis In Your Hands? Use Siri.”

  1. I’m also a blogger and have psoriatic arthritis – many days i cannot bend my fingers at all. I have written numerous articles 800+words in length entirely with Siri and then use a stylus pen (modified to make it easy to grasp without a pinching motion) to go back for corrections (the spelling or proper names and places is sometimes quite creative, no matter how clearly and slowly I speak!). This tool has been a blog saver … otherwise there would be many days that my writing would simply have to wait!
    Great post … I would have chosen blue, too!

    Christa Clips (Save-at-Home-Mom)
    • Thanks, Christa! The blue makes me smile. I actually used Siri in the car last night to text my daughter while stuck in traffic.

      Holly Pavlika

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