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Technology just keeps evolving. The buzz of late has been centered around augmented reality. Brands like Home Depot, Ikea, Hallmark and Samsung are creating useful and imaginative tools using Augmented Reality or AR. And Moms are going to love them because they are not just digital gimmicks but useful and often time-savers.

If you’re not familiar with AR, it is using technology to overlay digital information about the real world environment and layering it over the view.

Imagine pointing your phone’s camera at a product and it gives you the breakdown of the competitor’s costs and product benefits. Walk down a street and see places where they serve a particular wine. Through AR, you could walk down an aisle and see product reviews. Or imagine guided tours of towns, museums or cars in a dealership whatever. What a different perspective we would all have of the world around us.

Here are 5 examples of brands using AR that Moms are sure to love.

1. AR Greeting Cards:
New Hallmark Augmented Reality Cards that you use with your webcam. You just have to watch the video for the full effect. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, they have ten different cards available which will bring your greeting alive.

They are retailing for about $2.99. Some greetings come with a sound clip that plays when the recipient opens the card. The cards with the sound clip go for $5.99.

2. The Car App Finder:
This app helps you find you car in a crowded parking lot such as a mall. Once you’ve parked, it marks your spot allowing you to find it with ease once you’re done shopping. No more wandering around in search of you vehicle.

3. The cyclopedia-iphone-app:
Through geotagging, Cyclopedia shows you information about nearby landmarks and historic locations in your iPhone’s viewfinder. It can overlay the Wikipedia entry for over 65,000 entries.

4. The cheap-gas-iphone-app:
Want to find nearby gas stations with the best price. The Cheap Gas iPhone app shows you icons of nearby gas stations and prices in the direction wherever you point your iPhone’s camera.

5. Augmented reality mirror makeup selector:
Moms love experimenting with makeup. Shiseido has finally created Digital Cosmetic Mirrors in Tokyo malls. The machine is recommends products for the your skin type, while letting you to see how it would look on you via an augmented reality. It even prints out a shopping list, before and after photos.

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