Aunt Jemima launches new Facebook page. But it’s nothing to flip over.


So Aunt Jemima just launched their brand new Facebook page as their first foray into social media. And while not specifically after Moms, the target is families. And chances are Mom is doing the purchasing or putting Aunt Jemima on the list for Dad. Regardless, who doesn’t like pancakes.

The Facebook page showcases a singular video showing the process of making Aunt Jemima pancakes with real employees making them from scratch–using machines ironically. Is there anything surprising in the video? Not really. You would expect pancake batter to be poured onto a griddle, cooked up all bubbly and flipped at appropriate time.

So how is this “social”? Is it because it lives on Facebook? Would you share a video about the making of Aunt Jemima pancakes? The player doesn’t have sharing features unless you click out to where it lives on YouTube. And if you are looking for the coupon, you will have to watch the video to get to it. The Aunt Jemima Facebook presence is really brochure-ware at this time. Hopefully the site will evolve.

But there is a huge opportunity on Aunt Jemima’s Facebook page just waiting to happen. Moms love recipes. Moms have a hard time getting their children to eat. Who wouldn’t want to eat a blueberry walrus pancake or breakfast butterfly pancakes. There are three pages of recipes using pancakes transformed into turtles, birthday pancakes and more, all of which would have made for a fabulous social media campaign. Imagine a simple contest to design your own with your child and win, say a year’s worth of pancakes or any one of a million other prizes. Moms would instantly share their creations with their social graphs enlisting them to vote for their creation and help their chance of winning. The whole lot could have been turned into a recipe book. At the very least there was a missed opportunity to share the photos already existing on the site. But alas, there wasn’t the ability to “like” or share.

A lesson learned? Perhaps it would have been better to launch when there was more content to socialize.

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