Megan Rosker

Contributing Editor

Megan Rosker is a freelance writer and founder of Let Children Play, a community of parents, advocates, and writers who believe in the power of inquiry, play based learning in school and in the home. Megan has been published in the New York Times and received a Points of Light Award in 2011 for her voice in education and play advocacy. She is a former teacher and is the mother of three children.

Megan lives in New York City, where she writes, interviews advocates for social change for the Huffington Post, and runs after her children as they scooter quickly past her in the park. She believes in singing lullabies every night, eating dinner together with her family, and cooking real food. But she isn't all about play. She does make her people do chores and occasionally sends them to time out, but she makes up for this hardline parenting by making homemade ice cream, frequent face painting, and silly sound effects. After all, she is a play advocate and Megan believes the best way to raise a family is with lots of love, fun, hugs, and kisses. Head over to Let Children Play to learn more about the importance of play and nurturing in our families and in education.

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