Nikki Longo

Nikki is a carefree (but not careless), free spirited, fun having, animal lover and volunteer. Prior to stepping out on her own writing wise, she served as a ghostwriter for dozens of websites. Finally wanting to publish under her own name, she took her writing career by the horns and ran with it. She's a tech-geekista at heart and loves to write about gadgets, gizmos and doo-dads. As a freelancer, one thing Nikki has had to master first hand is the ability to manage a very strict budget in creative ways. Some may see this as a downside to writing on your own, but the flipside is the ability to spend more time with her family, in particular her nieces. Coming in 2014: Nikki will be hosting her own website, which of course will have a blog. So be on the lookout!

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