Rossana Wyatt

Contributing Editor

Rossana is a wife, and a mother to a teenager. Being a former nurse with a background in health sciences, she continues to make healthy living a very important part of her life. An art lover who holds a degree in art history and Spanish, her dream is to travel more and share the art and the history along the way with her family.

Rossana works as a community manager for several brands and loves learning, sharing, and connecting with people; social media is such a natural fit for her. Her experience and background in event planning helped bring the first #140ConfONT to Canada.

Rossana has several years of experience working with non profits in several capacities and is currently serving on the board of London Celebrates Canada as the director of Media Relations and Communication.

An avid foodie, she enjoys discovering and learning new recipes while living gluten free and writes about it on her blog Being Gluten Free.

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