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9,000 babies will be born to millennial moms this year. In fact, according to Baby Center 83 percent of new moms today are millennial moms as revealed their 2014 Millennial Mom Report last Thursday. They surveyed 1,700 moms and conducted individual interviews.

These millennial mothers grew up in an economic time when the budget was balanced. They grew up in a bull market and were there at the beginnings of the Internet economy. But just as they were entering adulthood came the dotcom crash of 2000 followed by the mortgage crisis of 2011. They are educated but in debt with the average post college debt at $45,000. And that debt only deepens when you add a baby to the mix and the $250,000 it takes to put a child through college.

With 37 percent of millennials unemployed, you would expect doom and gloom outlooks but they remain optimistic. They’ve grown up digital and are channeling their optimism and skills in to entrepreneurial ventures and 57 percent won’t work at a company that doesn’t allow social media access.

There is no doubt motherhood is going through change and that’s true for all moms. Social media and technology have played a huge role in transforming who mom is and how she uses those tools to parent. And this is never truer than of the millennial mom.

They are using their smartphones differently than other moms.
44 percent made a purchase w/smartphone in the past week and that number goes up to 64% over the past month showing little concern old mothers might have over security. And 85 percent of their time spent in apps either search and trying out new apps or using the apps on their phones. And unlike other mothers they delete them right away if the app doesn’t meet expectations. Not surprisingly because their high phone usage, millennial moms over index for banking, pregnancy, parenting and mobile payment apps. And be sure to check out apps like GigWalk and EasyShift apps often found with millennials that allow them to make money from their retail shopping experiences.

Insight: if you want to reach millennial moms, create a killer-mobile app.













Millennials grew up digital so they are tech-savvy and very connected.
Millennials have less landlines. They stream on mobile versus a Roku–an extra hour a day. She is savvy about privacy settings so less concerned that other mothers about posting photos of herself or her kid. And she uses discretion about what she posts.

They are very visual. Millennials still use Facebook and Pinterest, but are 58 percent more likely to use Instagram and 2x more likely to use Snapchat and Vine.

Insight: use visuals to tell the story of your brand in new, creative ways.

65149-parenting-originalFocus on parenting, not motherhood.
She is busy, but happy and totally focused on the well being of her child. Advertising has been all about mom, but for the millennial mom, 98 percent said the well being of her child was her top priority. She is going to be a more chill and relaxed version of mom than her helicopter mom who was protective and worried. That said she is focused on the ingredients and looking to foster healthy lifestyles in her home and with the environment.

Insight: think of your content from the perspective of the child and emotionally and pragmatically answering mom’s focus on her child’s welfare.

Photo:  by David Castillo Dominici

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