BabyCenter® 21st Century Mobile Mom Report is out!


Not a day goes by when someone looks at my Droid and asks me “How do you like your phone?” I love my phone and it is with me everywhere I go, sits on the nightstand next to me as I sleep…everywhere. Yes, I’m apparently one of those Moms addicted to their smartphone as reflected in the latest BabyCenter® research report. Just released, the latest “21st Century Mobile Mom® Report” shows Moms are adopting smartphones at an amazing rate–64% growth in less than 2 years, in fact. The survey included over 5,000 moms and an ethnography of 23 Moms and their text logs, video entries. They conducted 32 hours of in-home interviews as well.

The facts:
• 51% of Moms are addicted to their smartphone.
• 53% said the purchase was directly related to becoming a Mom
• Mom’s #1 feature is the camera
• #2 feature is video capabilities
• #3 feature is apps with more half having 10 or more apps
• 25% of the apps on a Mom’s phone are for her children
• 68% say of Moms know how to use most of the features
• 75% of Moms claim to troubleshoot their own phone
• 33% use it for health and wellness (tracking family health & research)
• Moms top social activities: newsfeeds, status updates and reading answers to posted questions
• 68% use their smartphone while shopping.
• 62% of moms use shopping apps to research or compare prices
• Moms are 248% more likely than the average adult to text friends then call them.
• 46% claim to have taken an action after seeing a mobile ad on their phone

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