Back-to-School Sign Up Sheets: EASY on iPad


Guest post by Carissa Rogers, VolunteerSpot Team

Elementary school parents know that Back to School time means a lot of new things – new clothes, new teacher, and lots of new clipboard signup sheets to choose your volunteer job, reading time, class party to help with, after school activities, supplies to donate…the list goes on and on!

If you’re the one organizing volunteer activities, your old Back-to-School sign up supply list used to look something like this:
• Pencils (#2 please)
• Paper (thank you trees)
• Clipboards (made in 1976 and still being used)
• Erasers (because you know parents change their mind)
• Pencil sharpener (why do the tips keep breaking?!)
• Magnifying glass (even Sherlock couldn’t make out this illegible handwriting)

Well, your new sign up supply list could look like this:
• iPad (ooh, pretty!)

, the leading free online signup sheet coordination tool, has made organizing parents and volunteers even easier with their brand new iPad app:Clipboard by VolunteerSpot!

With Clipboard by VolunteerSpot, you can do away with paper sign-up sheets once and for all and go back to school in style! Select from activities and lists that you have set up (as an Organizer) on VolunteerSpot, and in just few taps, build a custom sign-up sheet in the style of a familiar clipboard on your iPad.

Pass Clipboard by VolunteerSpot around the room at your next Back to School night, fundraiser committee meeting, or parent group get-together and watch parents sign up with a few taps. Accomplish in a matter of minutes what could have taken days of phone calls and ‘reply-all’ email chains to get people signed up, spots filled, and the job done!

VolunteerSpot’s powerful coordination platform keeps the signup spots current, in real-time, and sends automated confirmation and reminder messages to keep everyone on track. Organizers are able to quickly and easily manage their group’s activities at

Less Stress and Time. More Help and Doing Good. So Quick and Easy!
Download your iPad Clipboard by VolunteerSpot Today! Available in the iTunes Store

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