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I must admit I’m a bit of an OCD Mom. I blame my own Mother for it. We had this house with shag carpet in the living room. We were not allowed to walk through it as it was meant as a room for company. And shag shows every mark so we were busted every time we chanced a mad dash through it. This meant we were handed the rug rake and had to fix it all up again. Now I’m a bit of a clean freak. To me it’s a sign I have everything under control…my job…my kids…my life. When it’s not, I feel like I’m letting something slip through the cracks. Many years ago, I worked for a brand that did research around vacuum cleaners and “cleanliness= control was the consensus then.

At Big Fuel, we have what we call the 6a.m. Test. What is your audience thinking about at 6a.m.? It’s probably not your brand. So how do you connect with Moms if you’re a laundry detergent or cleaning product?

A while back I noticed the Tide iPhone app called the “Stain Brain” and laughed. Then I came across the Clorox stain app and decided to do some searching into the world of digital cleaning. Apps are a perfect place to start.

The Stain Brain iPhone app

The Stain Brain from Tide is a very useful if you’re prone to stains. With a few clicks, Moms can figure out how to get stains out of just about anything. You can search by category, view the top stains and get stain solutions from A-to-Z. It’s an OCD Mom’s motherlode of stain fighting weaponry. And no matter what your tool of choice: iPhone, iPad, oriPod Touch, you can get the Stain Brain. The app also allows users to rate the stain solutions and even create their own and share them.

Of course, the brand message was every stain can be removed using Tide which was a complete turn off by one prospective customer on the website. Moms would have gotten the message without overkill on the Tide branding.

Laundry Pal iPhone app

Do you look at the tags in your clothes before you clean them? There are strange symbols on them. Do you know what they mean? The Laundry Pal iPhone app can help you decipher all of them and more. Throughout the Laundry Pal are tips and detailed instructions on doing laundry. The app gives you over 45 money and time-saving tips and tricks.

myStain app for Clorox

Wow, a doctor of laundry. Seems a bit of a stretch. I could see a scientist but not a doctor in association with stains. But Dr. Laundry can help Moms hit a stain before the stain has time to set. The app is available as an iphone or iPod Touch app. And Moms can play a game where they can spin a wheel of stains and life situations to get funny solutions. Of course, they’ll want to hit the stain first before they play.

When Moms are done killing the stains, they can then enter the Ode to the Commode sweepstakes from Clorox.

Clorox Fan page and Ode to the Commode sweepstakes

Ever want to friend your toilet? Or socialize with others and talk about toilets? Well if you go to the Clorox Facebook fan page you can. Over eight weeks, you can try and win the “Ode To the Commode sweepstakes.” Clorox will reveal the coolest commodes in America and some lucky person will win a trip for four to the location of the fabulous commode. Yep, you heard it right a trip centered around a toilet, well sort of. Ha! Made me laugh and want to enter just for that. Does it make you want to “fan” Clorox and it’s toilet content? Well maybe the prize will change your mind as it’s worth up to $9,200.

Be friends with your toilet and support an organization called “World Toilet Organization. They’re a nonprofit that is committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions around the world. There’s a game where you can “Flush a friend”. Post your favorite name for the toilet. Even watch WC TV. Get it? “Water Closet TV.”

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