Brands have a big opportunity to connect with moms by using QR codes.


So moms are pretty tech savvy and 95% of moms never leave the house without their phones. Add to it that smartphone penetration is about 38% and moving steadily upward. Retailers are dialing up their efforts with mobile applications and their use of scannable codes. It only makes sense that QR codes will be adopted by moms who are quick to adapt technology that enhances their lives by saving them time or money. But like anything, moms like products and services that offer value like information, useful tools or coupons.

The great thing about QR codes is that they can store a lot of different types of information.
• Text
• Hyperlink
• Telephone number
• SMS/MMS message
• Email
• Contact entry
• Calendar entry

Moms would love QR codes that:
• played videos that demonstrate the product in use
• provided links to a download a mobile app
• gave recipes on boxes of products
• provided info on products (like wine and where it was grown)
• shared how to show wash and wear clothing or to take you to the website for more ideas on what to wear it with.
• made dynamic name tags at conferences that captured bios and contact information
• connected you to maps directions
• on new car price stickers to link to videos and other useful information towards the car purchase.
• museums, parks, playgrounds for emergency or additional facts and helpful information

And QR codes can be printed on just about. The tools for generating and reading QR codes are free. I even found a site where a mom was quilting QR codes so that viewers at galleries could scan the code and link to her site where her audience could see more of her craft.

And the penetration of smartphone is growing exponentially. According to Edison Research, smartphone ownership among Moms has exploded in two years, with 36% reporting smartphone ownership (compared to 31% for the general population). And the Mobio Naked Facts Report, indicates women aged 35-44 are scanning barcodes to receive more information on products and services about once a month.

So if you’re worried about there not being enough penetration to warrant jumping on the QR code bandwagon set that aside. And at least make it part of your 2012 planning.

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